About Us

Trinity Valley Elementary is nestled in the mountains of northern California with the Trinity River flowing just a quarter of a mile away from campus. Trinity Valley students enjoy being part of the small rural community of Willow Creek. Here, students succeed in learning and all students, parents, teachers, and staff members work diligently to achieve their goals. All members of the school community love learning and challenge themselves to reach their highest potential.
As you walk around campus, students are observed successfully using the skills, attitudes, and behaviors they have learned to deal effectively with other students in social experiences. They value diversity, and are major contributors to the school climate of pride, respect, and friendliness. The school is a safe, happy, learning community for these young citizens. In all classrooms students are strategic learners who think consciously about what they see, hear, read, write, and create. They are actively engaged in their learning as it relates to their environment and personal experiences. Our students master basic skills and grade-level standards because teachers skillfully differentiate for all learning profiles and practice proven innovative approaches to learning.
Trinity Valley is a comprehensive TK-8 elementary school providing a stimulating, quality educational program for 200 students. Staff members are committed to creating and maintaining an environment where students can grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually into healthy, caring and compassionate contributing citizens of our community and world.